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Red OMRT (Team) JPG.jpg

   Team membership
      2023 application 
              now available

OMRT receives a steady number of inquires about joining the team, and is working on standardizing its process. As we get closer to 2023, the team now has a formal application in a Google forms format. Applications will be accepted through Jan. 31, and will be processed in February by the Membership Committee. Here's a link to the application.

2022 team roster

Effective July 2022



Ruth Stewart


Patrick Brighton


Xander Bianchi

Will Brumas

Jeff Dunbar

Bill Dwelley

Patricia Eischied

Clint Estes

Dolgio Nergui

Tim Pasek

Annie Quathamer

Sam Rushing

Jeff Skoloda

Philippe Wheelock

Hans Wonneberger

Aaron Silverman

Andrew Smyser

Becca Tyler



Jimmy Chiang

Mike Kiparsky

Ross Williams

Mike Gibbs

Jenny Hart

Justin Hofmann

Dan Hughes

Lance Johnson

Grant Kleeves

Kevin Koprek

Diane Mielcarz

Kim Mitchell

David Mullings


LEFT: Four trainees were voted full team membership this spring after successfully completing a year of probationary training. 

BELOW: Rescuers enjoyed helicopter training with a cooperative crop-dusting pilot out of Olathe.

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