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Wear your support!

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Sale of team t-shirts and hats, primarily at summer events, helps fund OMRT's operational budget. Jeff Skoloda models a 2018 long-sleeve tee. Current year t-shirts sell for $30, while past year shirts are discounted.


Ouray Mountain Sports            732 Main St.

Ouray Glassworks                    619 Main St.

Mountain Fever Shirts & Gifts   644 Main St.

Ouray Visitors Center               1230 Main St.

Ridgway Adventure Sports.       109 N. Lena

Skoloda and Ruth Stewart shows off beanies and baseball caps, which sell for $20. Beanies come in blue and black; baseballs in tan, red, denim and grey.

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Timber, the happy husky from Elk Meadows, helped sell hundreds of shirts and caps at the 2002 Ridgway Rendezvous in August. The 2022 shirt color is Zelenskyy Green. Thanks to all who visited our booth!