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2020 Rescue Scenes


Lieutenant Tricia Eischied appears to be not unhappy about being promised a ride in the sky back to Ouray, after rescuing an injured 17-year-old hiker (knee) on Sutton Trail. Five team members joined on the joyride.


Gravity doesn't punch a time clock, and a vehicle tumbled off lower Camp Bird Road after one June midnight. OMRT made light of the situation to help a shaken but unhurt teen to safety. The green car is at the bottom left where the illumination hits shadow.


ABOVE: Crew hauls out a 10-year-old boy down the Weehawken Trail. Locating the injured lad nearly three miles up the trail was challenging, as his father had to traverse the slope more than a mile to find cell service. The flanks of Hayden Mountain provide an easy-on-the-eyes backdrop. The incident occurred on June 29.

RIGHT: A litter attendant guides a secured victim out of the Portland Creek gorge, as teammates keep things in order topside.

Portland Creek 7.6.2020.jpg

The Idarado Mine hairpin turns of Highway 550 have several times surprised motorcyclists, causing them to lose control and go over the edge. That was the case on June 29, and the team was ready to retrieve the fallen rider.


Don Fehd happily manages the edge as two rescuers descend to help a 37-year-old canyoneer who suffered a broken arm while adventuring in mid August below the Engineer Pass road.

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